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Invisble Aligner Treatment

We offer Invisible aligner treatment, teeth whitening and pop-in veneers.

Invisible Aligner Treatment

StarSmiles Invisible Aligner Treatment: StarSmiles invisible aligners can straighten 60-70% of malocclusion, or imperfect positioning of your teeth in as little as 4 months for less than a quarter of the cost of most competitive invisible aligner brands. To make it even better, you don’t even have to go to a dentist even once. Its all tele-dentistry. Too much crowding? Teeth Gaps? Overbite? You name it, we can fix it. Our invisible aligners can align up to moderate cases of malocclusion. If for any reason we feel like you may need in-person dentist supervision, we’ll be honest and let you know. Book a free scan today. 

Teeth Whitening

StarSmiles Custom Whitening: Custom Whitening is for everyone, whether you have straightened your teeth with StarSmile aligners or not. If you straightened your teeth with our treatment system, then we already have your scan and custom mould for whitening. We recommend that customers purchase the custom whitening treatment at the end of their invisible aligner treatment. If you did not use StarSmiles Aligner system, we can whiten your teeth too. Book a Scan and purchase a bright white, confident smile today. 

Book a consultation with us today!

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